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So normally, in my metas, I divide the episode up in to parts and talk about each character/plot development. WELL, NOT THIS ONE. THIS META IS EXCLUSIVELY ABOUT CAPTAIN SWAN.

Since this meta is all Captain Swan, I’m going to break it up into sub sections. We’ll start with Hook and Henry, move on to the Jolly Roger, go to Hook, and then finish up with Emma and my final (sobbing) thoughts.

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but can someone make a thing comparing emma saying “i’m tired of living in the past” with elsa singing “i’m never going back, the past is in the past”???

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I need…bloopers…of the kiss….
I need…bloopers…of the kiss…

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sorry mum u have reached ask limit 

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fictional couples who are on a permanent last name basis


fictional couples who only ever use each other’s title or rank


fictional couples who then use each other’s first names in times of high stress or really intimate, heartwarming moments


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Is it just me who REALLY wants to know what Henry was thinking during this scene? Watching his mum have a close conversion with this guy you assume  be one of her old friends, who has enabled her to open up and let down her walls:

Henry knows Emma, thus he knows she doesn’t let those walls down for just anybody.  And then going on to leave him with Killian twice, plus inviting him to dinner! HENRY IS SMART HE KNOWS WHATS UP. 
And this will be addressed hopefully, as it was already foreshadowed in 3x12.

No, you’re not the only one. And I think he likes Killian even more, because he can see how much Emma is affected by his presence.

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